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Bambu Lab X1-CARBON

We hated 3D printing
as much as we loved It.

We set 5 goals in the making of X1-CARBON 3D Printer

Redefine Smooth

The smoothness of the printing process can be achieved through a combination of factors. By combining these factors and optimizing each aspect of the printing process, we can achieve enhanced smoothness in the printed output, resulting in high-quality and visually appealing prints.

Active Vibration Compensation (XY)

Precise Layer Height (Z)

High Bandwidth Flow Control (E)



Product Features

Special Parts of Product

means a lot.

We can optimize productivity and reduce waiting time by utilizing a single printer to replace multiple printers. This consolidation allows us to maintain the same level of productivity across various tasks. By default, we can use a 0.1 mm layer height during printing without concerns about the time it takes. This approach enables fast iteration, minimizing waiting time and increasing efficiency. Moreover, reducing print time also contributes to lower carbon emissions, as less time is required to keep the printer bed hot.

Eco-Friendly Printing in Mind

80% Cut

Carbon Footprint


Plastic Saved


In Silent Mode

VOCs Filter

Activated Carbon Filter Absorbs VOCs

Out of The Box

The X1 is assembled, tuned, calibrated, and tested before being shipped to you, so you can enjoy printing right out of the box.

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