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WPM ZD17 / ZD17N Single Dose Bellow Kit


This is arguably the most advanced single-dose hopper kit design. Exclusively designed and produced by for WPM ZD17/N grinder.

All part comes with 3 months warranty.

Dimensions 25 × 15 × 15 cm


Kit comes with 3 piece kit : hopper, bellow and a cap assembly.

It comes with all the safety feature as the original design, so no bypass is necessary. Also comes with a soft seal to prevent air leaks during compression stroke. Installation is as easy as aligning and twist till end stop.
Bellow It is ultra soft with just 800gm on downward force to fully compress and is resistant to crack or tear even after prolong use.
Cap It design comes built in internally with a valvuvar circuit air restrict or valve to dampen the air from escaping the cap during compression stroke, while allowing air to enter from outside to the grinder during the expansion stroke.


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