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Trio-Combo (10° Tilt Stand / Indicator / Declumper) Upgrade for DF64 Coffee Grinder


In an exclusive collaboration with Speedy 3D Creation and 3DEXPRESS.MY, we are proud to present you the Trio-Combo Upgrade for DF64 Coffee Grinder. For every sale, a portion of the profit will be credited back to the original designer in support for future product development.

Please take note that our product is 3D printed with PLA+ / PETG plastic material and then hand-crafted, so there will be visible layer lines when inspected up close.

Dimensions 23 × 23 × 9 cm


Material PLA+ / PETG [Food Safe Plastics]
Layer Height 0.2mm


The Trio-Combo comes included with the below following :
1) 10° Tilt Stand x 1 Unit
2) Indicator x 1 Unit
3) Declumper x 3 Unit

For the installation guide, kindly refer to this youtube link:


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