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  • PETG Pro, our very own range of filament products for your everyday 3D printing use.
  • We sell what we use, hence our products are laser focused on consistency with quality at an affordable price

Our PETG Pro uses a secret PETG blend to achieve:

✔️Superb chemical resistance

✔️Ease of use, low tendency to warp.

✔️Good balance between transparency and opacity, allowing for unique visual effects in printed objects

✔️Aesthetic versatility,

✔️Easily post-processed

✔️Top-tier filament choice for prosumers and professionals in the 3D printing community

✔️Provides the reliability and flexibility


Do contact us if you require the necessary SDS/ROHS/REACH certs for your PETG Pro range of products.

If you need to purchase in bulk quantity, speak to us on 📣website live chat📣 or ☎️ whatsapp us at ☎️

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 22 × 21 × 9.5 cm
Prosumer PETG Pro

Asap Grey, Black, Blue, Coklat Brown, Gincu Red, Habibi Gold, Jambu Pink, Langit Blue, Lavendula Purple, Light Blue, Limau Green, Merak Blue, Mutiara White, Permata Translucent, Pirus Turquoise, Pishang Green, Pishang Yellow, Pudina Green, Tangerine Orange, Timah Silver



🚀Diameter: 1.75mm±0.03mm

🚀Weight: 1000g ± 30g (filament) + 130g (transparent spool)

🚀Filament Length : 330m ± 5m

🚀Spool Size : Outer Diameter : 200mm , Inner Holes Diameter :52mm+-

🚀Printing temperature: 210-230°C (We print at 230°C)

🚀Bed temperature:50°C-90°C (We print at 90°C)

🚀Print speed: 30-120mm/s

🚀Vacuum bag: Included with desiccant

🚀Packaging : Pizza box design


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