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Bambu Lab X1 Series // P1P – Cable Chain Assembly



X1 Series and P1P

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Availability: 1 in stock

Availability: 1 in stock


With the cable chain assembled, the trajectory of the toolhead cable and feeding tube can be safely confined to the horizontal plane during printing.

It can also protect the toolhead cable and feeding tube from being damaged during repetitive bending as a result of motion.

* If you want to assemble a cable chain to enclose your P1P 3D printer, please replace the original toolhead cable with the heavy duty toolhead cable for a reliable performance. Otherwise, the cable chain may have a risk of damaging the original P1P toolhead cable.


Learn more about the replacement of cable chain for X1 Series on Bambu Lab Wiki.

Learn more about installing cable chain to P1P on Bambu Lab Wiki.

Recommended Settings

Please note that other slicer settings might need to be adjusted based on the printed model and the filament requirements

In the Box

  • AP Board Cover – 1
  • Cable Chain  – 1
  • PTFE Rubber Grommet – 1
  •  Cable Bracket – 1
  • PTFE Pneumatic Connector & Collect Clip -1
Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 35 × 16 × 60 cm


Material Plastic, Silicone Rubber Packaging Size 300*125*53 mm
Color Black Packaging Weight 160 g



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