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Bambu Dual-Sided Textured PEI Plate



X1 Series and P1P

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Availability: 9 in stock

Availability: 9 in stock

Things to know before use

  • Before auto-leveling, it is necessary to repeatedly rub the nozzle in the special wiping area of the build plate to completely remove any residual material at the tip of the nozzle. The coating in the special-designed wiping area will gradually become worn over time. This is normal and does not affect print quality or nozzle lifetime, so there is no need to worry about any quality issues.
  • Bambu Lab recommends only using Bambu Lab official glue on the Cool Plate, and can not be held responsible for any damage caused to plates as a result of using third-party glue on build plates

Bambu Textured PEI Plate


The Bambu Dual-sided Textured PEI Plate is a flexible magnetic build plate with sprayed dual-sided PEI coating. During printing, the plate will provide excellent adhesion and easy print removal after cooling.

Recommended Settings

Please note that other slicer settings might need to be adjusted based on the printed model and the filament requirements

Hotbed Temperature Glue Stick Required? Upper Glass Cover Plate Removed?
PLA/PLA-CF/PLA-GF 45~60℃ No Yes
ABS 90~100℃ No No
PETG 60~80℃ No No
TPU 35~45℃ Yes Yes
ASA 90~100℃ No No
PVA 45~60℃ No Yes
PC/PC-CF 90~110℃ Yes No
PA/PA-CF/PAHT-CF 90~110℃ Yes No


Dual-sided textured PEI for increased surface lifetime

Most of the time, no glue-stick is required for regular filaments

Nice textured finish for the prints

Excellent adhesion and easy print removal


Glue-stick is still recommended for some filaments and printing conditions

Cannot be used without heating the printing surface

LIDAR will have trouble correctly reading the print surface and the calibration can be affected

In the Box

  • Hardened Steel Extruder Unit – X1 Series
Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


Surface temperature resistance Up to 200℃ Usable print size 256*256 mm
Flexible spring steel thickness 0.4 mm Texture PEI coating thickness 0.075 mm
Package Weight 320 g Package size 290*290*4 mm


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