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ABS PRO 3D FILAMENT 1KG -Solid Color (Basic Series)


  • Introducing Basic Series – ABS Pro, our very own range of filament products for your everyday 3D printing use.

  • We sell what we use, hence our products are laser focused on consistency with quality at an affordable price

Our ABS PRO uses a secret ABS blend to achieve :

✔️Low moisture absorption

✔️Anti brittle characteristic

✔️Reduced Warping (Use enclosure for better anti warping)

✔️Reduced Odour than standard ABS

✔️Improved bed adhesion (recommended on PEI bed)

✔️Consistent colour batches

✔️High speed printing (we print up to 120mm/s with no under-extrusion)

✔️Tangle free winding with a great transparent spool

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 22 × 21 × 9.5 cm ABS Pro

Black, Black (Non-PRO), Blue, Brown, Gold, Gray, Green, Natural, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Rose, Silver, Traffic Red, White, Yellow


🚀Diameter: 1.75mm±0.03mm

🚀Weight: 1000g ± 30g (filament) + 130g (transparent spool)

🚀Filament Length : 330m ± 5m

🚀Spool Size : Outer Diameter : 200mm , Inner Holes Diameter :52mm+-

🚀Printing temperature: 220-250°C (We print at 245°C)

🚀Bed temperature: 80°C-105°C (We print at 105°C)

🚀Print speed: 30-120mm/s

🚀Vacuum bag: Included with desiccant

🚀Packaging : Pizza box design


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